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Design and Engineering is where we started and it's what we love to do best.


We pride ourselves on our communication, we love to listen! Being able to understand, in exact and specific detail, the client's need is our first priority. From floaty idea to firm concept we want to help, we love what we do and strive to exceed expectations with what we can produce.

Our favourite projects are those which look simple yet beautiful and we aim to strike the right balance between form, function, and cost. 


We specialise in high performance Composite materials, about which we have embarrassingly extensive knowledge and experience.

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Perfectly partnered with beautiful design must always be a thorough analysis of the product's structural and mechanical integrity, after all any investment of time and money is serious business. We offer CAD surfacing, detail design, DFM, DFA, FEA, mould flow, tolerance analysis, rig building and prototyping. Our rigorous test and validation processes mean that we can achieve a reliable picture of the feasibility of most projects at an early stage in the process.  


The quality and breadth of data we produce mean that more projects can be taken to a manufacture-ready stage where the tools can be cut straight from our work.




Prototypes are hugely exciting but also incredibly important to scrutinise the minutiae of the design, manufacturing process, assembly and of course functionality. They are also great as a demonstrative tool for colleagues or third parties. We offer a range of platforms with which we can display a design, from animated visualisations mocked up as the finished article, to dinky scale-size 3D printed pieces to a full size prototype created in the proposed material.

Offering a variety of methods allow our clients to remain in control of their own timeframes and budgets.

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Our breadth of knowledge on manufacturing processes is one of the reasons why our market portfolio is so diverse. From nano-drones to 100m masts, from 10 off to 10,000 off we will always consider the clients intentions for production solutions right from the design stage.

We can advise on the most beneficial manufacture method for the project and are happy to source and meet with potential manufacturers on a client's behalf. We will also remain 'on hand' during manufacture to provide input into quality assurance and manage any potential issues that arise.


Consultation and Collaboration


We have been fortunate enough to work for and with some excellent professional colleagues over the years and as a result have formed a small, highly skilled and dedicated network of resourceful friendliness. If a project contains any aspect which we are not completely confident we can advise on, we will know someone who can.


Please be advised that we will always consult with a client before discussing any detail of a project with external parties and that absolute discretion is always maintained.

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