Farr open 60 refit for 2012 Vendee Globe

Design and Engineering of open 60 refit for 2012 Vendee Globe Campaign

projects included;

  • Complete Structural Study of hull, deck and appendages.
  • Design and manufacture of sliding coach roof for cockpit protection
  • Boom and mast modifications
  • Cockpit modifications
  • Emergency Rudder design
  • Mast track optimization

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5 Degrees West

Design and Engineering for 5 West 

projects included;

  • Bowsprit for TP52
  • Refit work on VPLP 60 in preparation for BWR 2014
  • Refit work on Farr open 60 in preparation for BWR 2014
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Team Invictus, UK C-Class challenge for Little Americas Cup (2011 - 2013)

Responsibilities, Projects and Achievements

  • Design of wing and control systems
  • Structural Design and Engineering
  • Materials research
  • Weight studies

Other Notable Projects

Electronics System
· Development of small lightweight combined display and logger unit for performance and engineering analysis of racing yachts

Carbon Load Sense Hardware
· Design, Engineering and Development of wireless carbon load cell and torque measurement system

· Acoustic Emission Testing of Future Fibres Carbon rigging solutions

· Onboard load monitoring for multiple VO70 teams

· Design and CFD analysis of Daggerboard

· Design of Carbon Pull Rods for several teams in Formula One 2014

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